About TheGunSnob

 Hi I'm Kent Nelson and TheGunSnob I'm Just a regular guy who enjoys Firearms and introducing new people to the fun that is guns. I am an avid 2nd Amendment supporter, and strive to be an active member of the "online gun community". I enjoy all kinds of firearms but typically focus more on pistols. I am based out of NE Oklahoma in the heart of Green Country. I have the benefit of living in the middle of nowhere on several hundred acres so I am able to shoot often on my private range with distances of up to 800 yards. 

 I got into guns at a young age growing up on a farm it was just part of everyday life. As I got older I enjoyed hunting and just shooting random targets for fun. Then in my mid-twenties I had a buddy that was in law enforcement that got me into pistol shooting and the idea of self defense and its all downhill from their (at least for my bank account).